Why Do We Use The Internal Combustion Engine In Cars?

Why do we use the internal combustion engine in cars? Why not use another type? The simplest answer is that the internal combustion engine is a proven technology that has been used for decades. While there are more efficient types of engines being developed, that run on green energy, none of them are currently a serious threat to replacing the internal combustion engine. Internal combustion engines may be bad for the environment, and they may be an old technology, but the truth is that they are an effective means of providing transportation for the world. In the future, as technology improves, it’s very likely that internal combustion engines will end up being replaced by an engine that uses an alternative fuel source. Even today society is taking the first steps to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels by utilizing alternative energy sources. There are cars that run on hydrogen, there are hybrids that use gas and electricity, and there are also cars that are completely powered with batteries.
Why do we use the internal combustion engine in cars? We do it because the technologies designed to replace it aren’t ready for widespread use yet. While you may see electric cars on the street what you don’t see is the infrastructure required to make them feasible. There simply aren’t enough charging stations to make electric cars feasible yet. The same issues arise concerning hydrogen powered vehicles. On the other hand you can find a gas station on nearly every major street corner. What people need to realize is that it took decades of building to create the infrastructure that supports the internal combustion engine. Oil refineries had to be built, tankers for shipping gas to gas stations had to be built, and of course the gas stations had to be built as well. The problem with switching over to electric vehicles is that it’s going to take a major change in the way that people function on a daily basis. While improvements in battery technology are helping the truth is that we are simply a long way from having electric vehicles that have the range of gas fueled vehicles.
Why do we use the the internal combustion engine in cars? Why not use another type? We do it because the internal combustion engine has become a part of our lives that we depend on. The vast majority of people that own cars own cars that are fueled by gas, and asking that many people to change is a major challenge. Will it happen eventually? Yes, because fossil fuels are a limited resource, and also because improvements in battery technology is likely to extend vehicle range considerably. We live in a society where most people are constantly on the move, they demand instant gratification, and they are set in their ways. Convincing most people to make the change from spending 5 minutes at the gas station to fuel up, to instead having to wait far longer for a battery charge won’t be easy. But in time the internal combustion engine will end up being replaced, and we will all have to learn to adapt.

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